Shvitz (Cleveland, OH) visit planning for next week

I’m 56 years old. I remember when I was younger (maybe in the 1960’s), my father telling me about when he was a young man, he and his brother and their father all going to the Shvitz on Saturday night. They would go to this building in an urban part of Cleveland for an all men’s steambath. After sweating for a while they would exit the steam, take a massage, eat a steak dinner, then go sleep the night on a cot. Get up Sunday morning and go home to whomever.

When I was young and hearing this story, I always thought that the Shvitz was an anachronism and had been gone for the many years since my dad was a young man.

Flash forward to now. My brother, living in Cleveland, tells me he and some friends are going to the Shvitz to celebrate my nephew’s high school graduation! I couldn’t believe it! This thing still exists – in the same place – whose neighborhood has downgraded over all this time. They invite me to join them and I really want to check this out. My dad has been gone for a long time but I can’t wait to see this place/activity that I just assumed hasn’t existed for 40+ years at least and that he used to go to.

Here’s some recent email exchange with my brother in planning my visit next week.


From: Allen Miller To: Brian Miller

Subject: RE: Schvitz Time!!

Do you have an address for the shvitz?
From: Brian Miller

To: Allen Miller

Subject: FW: Schvitz Time!!

The address is the Twilight Zone. For directions: see attached map or plug the following coordinates into your GPS: 41.469 N by 81.602 W
From: Allen Miller

To: Brian Miller

Subject: RE: Schvitz Time!!

That’s wild – I’m glad I asked. Do they have a name listed in the telephone book? I haven’t been able to find anything.
From: Brian Miller

To: Allen Miller

Subject: RE: Schvitz Time!!

You’ll understand this when you get there but even with the map and coordinates you might not find it or believe it when you do. It’s best to go the first time with someone familiar.

They are very proud of the fact that they are not listed anywhere. As they say when you ask. Not in the book, not on the web and never will be. If you ask you might be able to get a business card from them. Shirts are available at the register of course.

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