Shvitz (Cleveland) Road Trip 1/08

This is it – the Cincinnati to Cleveland overnight road trip to attend the Shvitz.

I grew up in Cleveland and have lived in Cincinnati since I got out of college. Being Jewish it has been quite a disappointment that there are NO good deli’s in Cincinnati. I grew up with Corky’s and Jacks and one or two others. It was only a few years ago that I ever heard about one called Slyman’s. It’s closer to downtown and caters to the business trade – so it is closed on the weekend I found out recently – to my disappointment. Slyman’s is not real fancy but they have the BEST corned beef anywhere. ANYWAY, the Shvitz trip is going to be started off with lunch at Slymans.

——— pause —————-
Okay, we (Joyce and I) did Slyman’s. And it was FANTASTIC! I had to remove half of the corned beef from my sandwich to be able to fit the sandwich in my mouth. And it was mouthwateringly good. Of course, when I finished the sandwich – I moved on to eat the meat that was on my plate. Now I have to be content that this visit will hold me until the next time I get to visit Cleveland.

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