Nashville – Bluebird Cafe

We just got back from Nashville visiting our daughter and her sorority’s parents’ weekend. It was a great weekend even with the rain. A lot of good food, nice people, bigs, littles, great music, art and cowboy boots. Saturday Susan took us to the most fun place – it’s called The Bluebird Cafe. You wouldn’t believe this place. It’s a storefront in a retail strip of stores. You make reservations online Monday at 8am or come and stand in line to see if you get lucky. The venue is referred to as In The Round which means there are 4 to 6 chairs in a small circle in the center of the floor and then small tables around the rest of the floor. The entire place probably seats 100 people or less. The entertainers are song writers that play and sing their songs. Many of the singers have songs that have been recorded by big names and become hits. The music was FANTASTIC! The night we were there was being conducted as a fund raiser for the area YMCA organization. People were buying CD’s for $100+ to support the cause. I got in the spirit when one of the keyboard players asked if anyone had a piano in their home. I raised my hand out and said you got it. Before I knew it I had made a donation to the YMCA and we have arranged a summer party in Cincinnati with a fantastic Nashville song writer and recording artist to play for us. You can see a short video and also see some pictures from the Bluebird Cafe

One Response to “Nashville – Bluebird Cafe”

  1. Tim Says:

    Looks like fun Allen. Enjoyed the video as well. Thanks for sharing. BTW – Next time you come back from Nashville up I-65 and get near Louisville, honk when you’re at the Jefferson County line, I’m 200 yards away from that sign. :-)-Tim Barrett

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