I’m sitting in a small park in Worthington Ohio. Joyce, my wife, is a mosaic artist and has her work on display at the Worthington Art Show. I have my laptop on my lap and since I don’t have an aircard yet I have my Treo tethered to the laptop which is giving me internet access thanks to Verizon. With all of this I can connect to the web, browse, read email and create a blog post. I’ve got my point and shoot digital camera and took a picture that shows a little of what happened in the park yesterday afternoon when a storm blew up rather quickly. At the time of the weather event I was back in Cincinnati so I missed out on the fun.

The deal for these outdoor artshows is that there are a few manufacturers of the 10′ x 10′ display tents. The entry level tent is sold at the discount stores and costs $200 or less. These things open like an umbrella and are basically not intended to weather the weather. The move up to the heavier canvas waterproof jobs cost about $1k and up. This picture is what I saw as the remains of one of the entry level tents – get the picture.

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