I know what you will be thinking – what century are you from?

After setting up iPods and helping my wife and 3 daughters for many years with these devices I finally got my first iPod – an 8gb 3g Nano. I have to say this is one piece of technology art. I bought an Archos 605 a few months ago thinking I primarily wanted to watch video and it had a bigger screen. Once I got it I found I wanted to listen to podcasts and some music but it was kind of heavy for being portable. The Nano is really small – I joke and say I need ‘one for each eye’ for watching videos – but it really isn’t that bad. The user interface on the Nano is great – and there is just so much interesting stuff available in free podcasts. I downloaded my first audiobook today that I will probably start listening to tomorrow when I paint one of our bedrooms.

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