Santos Auto Service – THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST

It’s Friday afternoon, 4pm and I am leaving a client’s office.  I am heading for my office when I notice a different sound coming from under the hood of the ‘land yacht’.  Kind of a rattling sound but not real distinct.  I double check my watch and decide I can detour to Tony Santos’ Auto Repair Shop and get a quick diagnosis.  If they recommend some repair work I can probably drop the vehicle off next week when I can schedule a loaner from Tony.

By the time I got to the shop it was about 4:30.  Rob asked Joe to go out to the lot and check the sound.  We lifted the hood, ran the engine and in about a minute Joe said to turn off the engine.  Joe showed me where there were metal shavings on the flange of one of the belt pulleys and said it needed to be replaced – and that if I drove it like it was I would get stuck somewhere on the road.  I asked Joe if he had the pulley in stock and he said no.

The shortened version of the story was that they ordered the pulley, got it delivered and I was on my way by 5:15 – a grand total time elapsed of 45 MINUTES!

Much thanks to Tony, Joe, Rob and all the rest at Santos Auto SERVICE.  That’s what I call SERVICE!


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