Scuba Santa is back

Here’s what I got to do yesterday – boy am I lucky.  I spent about 4 hours underwater at the Newport Aquarium.  I am lucky to be one of a hand full of scuba divers that share the role of Scuba Santa. Santa’s message this year for the kids is to help conserve the environment to protect the habitat for the marine animals – that’s kind of a nice change if you ask me.  There is a brief write up in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer

From Newport Aquarium

2 Responses to “Scuba Santa is back”

  1. Lloyd Watkin Says:

    Hi Allen,Awesome job! I organise an annual event in Somerset in the UK where a group of us (50+ this year) just into a quarry to raise money for the RNLI.Take a look at the site: an excellent christmas, Lloyd.

  2. Allen Miller Says:

    Hi Lloyd,Just saw your post. That is spectacular. Hope you had good results this year. And, a happy new year to you.Regards,Allen

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