Wayne Dammert

Joyce and I had the pleasure of meeting (John) Wayne Dammert and his wife Betty Dammert at a recent Volunteer Appreciation dinner at the Newport Aquarium.  Wayne was telling me some stories and Betty was smiling and telling me that he was pulling my leg.  After a while of this, I figured out that she was probably the one pulling my leg and that he was probably giving me the straight stuff.  Like maybe Betty really had been a Radio City Rockette a while ago.  Wayne also told me about working at the Beverly Hills Dinner Club for many years and being involved in the horrible fire that occurred in 1977.   He also told me that he had written a book about the fire – Inside the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire.
After a nice evening at the Newport Aquarium (where I am a volunteer scuba diver), Joyce and I stopped, as we like to do, at the book store.  I found and bought a copy of Wayne Dammert’s book (author – Ron Elliot) and read it this past week.  The tragedy of the Beverly Hills fire occurred a couple years after I moved to Cincinnati.  I remember the event but did not know much of the details.  Wayne’s book is an extensive account of much of the history of the Bevery Hills and much detail about the fire and people involved including many heros and many victims.  It was quite moving for me.

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