Photo Stitching

I was in NYC recently with Susan getting her situated for a summer internship – working in Brooklyn, living in Manhattan.  We spent one night at the Millenium Hilton on Church Street – 17th floor overlooking Ground Zero.  We had quite a view from our hotel room and I thought to take a picture with my $100 digital point and shoot camera.  I realized that there is a big disconnect between what your eye and brain can take in compared to what a camera, even set to wide angle, can take in.  So, I proceeded to snap 20 shots broken down into about 4 rows and 5 shots per row – panning back and forth on each ‘row’.

Now comes the cool technology part.  There are a variety of programs that can do this but this one was about the easiest I have seen.  Windows Live Photo Gallery has an function called Create Panoramic Photo.  I just 1) displayed the folder with my individual photos 2) highlighted my 20 photos 3) selected the Create Panoramic Photo menu link and 4) sat back and waited.   After a couple minutes I was asked to name the new panoramic photo and VOILA!

I have posted a Picasa Web folder with the panoramic phota plus one of the component photos.  Click on the image below to link to the Picasa Web folder image.  When you are @ Picasa Web, be sure and click on the magnifying glass zoom button in the upper right corner of the photo.  This will give you a sense for how much detail is in this picture as you use your mouse to scroll around it.


From Ground Zero 5/09

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