SquareSpace.com is GREAT

Many of you that know me know that my world is full of Information Technology.  Many of you also know that Joyce (my wife) is an artist and she is totally ‘right brained’.  Joyce is extremely creative in her world of art and I try to help her use the technology however I can to help her business thrive.

Sometimes my idea of easy doesn’t really coincide with Joyce’s idea of easy – when it comes to computers.  I offer to help her but she wants to be able to do things herself (sometimes) and she often gets quite frustrated.  For example, there are a few online services that Juried Art Shows use to accept submissions of slides of artwork – to be considered for entry into their Art Shows.  So, the various online systems are completely inconsistent in the specifications that they require for the slides.  These issues are not difficult to comply with if you are familiar with Photoshop – but how many people are really familiar with Photoshop?  Images for one service must be 1920 pixels x 1920 pixels.  Most photographic images are not square.  The ‘canvas’ needs to be expanded to square dimensions and the additional space MUST be black.

 Because Joyce wanted to be able to easily update her business website herself, I thought it would be useful to set her site up using www.SquareSpace.com

I did this setup a few weeks ago with a few of her images of art pieces.  Tonight, we finally got to sit down and get her started do the updates herself.  I spent just a couple minutes showing her how to manuever in the Photo Gallery section of her website and turned it over to her.

After a few minutes she said – “This is easy”.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was afraid it was going to be another frustrating computer experience.

Thank you SquareSpace.

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