Dolphins blowing ‘Smoke’ rings

Joyce and I went to Miami last week and visited the Miami Seaquarium.  My grandparents took me to the Seaquarium when I was 5 years old.  There are a  number of animals that put on performances there and one group that we watched were the dolphins.  They are of course beautiful, and you have to believe they are pretty intelligent.

After the topside performance we went downstairs where we could watch the dolphins through viewing windows.  One behavior that we observed was pretty amazing.  A dolphin would expel some air from its mouth and it would be in the form of a ‘smoke ring’ like that that smokers blow – only these were with air, of course.  If that weren’t enough, the animal would create a second ring soon after the first one and you could watch one ring follow the other in the water column.  AND THEN, the dolphin was able to use it’s snout/beak or whatever you call it to disrupt one ring and the two rings that were moving one after the other would each break at one point on their circumference and join into one large ring.

To give you an idea of what the ring blowing is like – I found this video of some other dolphins blowing rings – in case you haven’t seen this.

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