Peripheral Vision

Wow – I haven’t written here in a long time.

Peripheral Vision, in a non-technical definition, means the ability to see stuff outside, around, above, below, to the side – of the point at which our eyes are aimed.

So, if I am walking on the sidewalk and my head and eyes are pointed straight ahead of me, I may be able to tell if there is a big black hole that I am about to step into – or if a car traveling on the street is coming near me.

The thing that I wonder about is dogs.  When they are walking they certainly have a sense of what thier legs are about to encounter from the terrain they are traveling on.  They can make adjustments if they approach a hole in the ground or a curb to go up.  But this would seem to be working for their front legs – what is looking out for their rear legs.  I’ve never seen a dog glance behind them to see if their rear legs are about to encounter some obstacle.  I guess they must just have some visual memory of what has been coming and the ability to process it and compute what their hind legs have in store for them.

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