TomTom GPS

I’m still not sure what I think about this.  I love GPS technology for getting around with your automobile, especially in unfamiliar places.  Last year Joyce and I traveled to Italy.  We rented a car in Roma and drove to Firenze (Florence) where we rented a villa on a beautiful hillside.  The GPS was a fantastic asset.

The GPS I have now is a TomTom Go Live 740.  The LIVE services include 2 way communications for 1) Weather 2) Traffic 3) Gas Prices and 4) Google Maps searching.

I used this GPS and it worked fine except for the USB connecting to my computer.  I didn’t think I needed that feature and wasn’t able to get anywhere with tech support on it so I just let it go.  After a couple months of use the LIVE services quit working.  Tech Support wasn’t able to help me fix it so they sent me a replacement.  This began what I can only describe as a DEBACLE.  I’m still amazed that I went along as long as I did with their incompetence.  Today I received UNIT NUMBER SIX from them.  Finally, after requesting it several times – one of their people opened a box and verified a unit before they sent it to me.  This one I received to day works.

Below is the text of an email that I sent to their tech support today.

= = = = = = = =

TT Cole,

I have to tell you I was skeptical.  After trying a total of FIVE TomTom Go 740’s and everyone of them having the same problem – not being able to access Live Services – I was starting to think it was impossible.  Suffice it to say – the one you verified and sent to me – does work.

A few comments:

I had asked MUCH earlier for support to verify a unit before they sent it to me and wasted both of our time.  It took until unit number SIX before I ever got this.

It is rather disconcerting that FIVE units FAILED.

It is troubling that it took me so LONG to get to an elevated level of support even when I had requested it many times earlier.

Your trouble ticket system is garbage.  I only had one incident with you folks but on your web site it looks like I had FOUR or FIVE that are all classified as ANSWERED.  Answered should not be a category.  They should be OPEN, CLOSED, WAITING FOR CUSTOMER or something like that.  You mark them ANSWERED and it appears that your job has been done when it hasn’t been done yet until now.  Your system also generates INANE automatic emails that say ‘since you haven’t heard from me in 72 hours you assume we are complete’.  This happens while I am still WAITING for a replacement to arrive from you to see if the issue will be resolved.

Thank you.

I think I will post this on my blog.

Allen Miller

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