TomTom GPS – Redux

At what point does a company experience embarrassment?  I suppose it depends on the company.

On Tuesday of this week I received Unit #6 from TomTom technical support.  This new out of the box unit had been verified by someone in the technical support escalation team at TomTom, per my request, before being sent to me.  I posted an earlier entry in my blog here because I was glad that this unit worked, finally.  Imagine, I had the naivety to think that my journey to get a GPS unit that worked was complete.

On Thursday, two days later, my unit quit working!  I was totally amazed!  It caused me to start using too many exclamation points!

Yesterday (Thursday) I, for the first time, was permitted to speak live via telephone with Cole at the very top secret ‘corporate’ level of technical support.  In my many previous technical support calls I had been told on two different occaisions that someone from this support level would call me within 72 hours (they must be VERY busy).  I never received any of these calls.  Anyway, yesterday I spoke to Cole.  He told me that they had discovered the fix for my (and others’) problem –  I believe it was a file on the device  that was either missing or wrong and the factory had corrected it in their production.  He was overnighting me a unit with the fix.  I asked if I needed to contact him when I received the unit or needed to do anything else special.  He assured me that I should just power the unit up and log it into the system with my account credentials.

That was yesterday.  Today I received Unit #7!!!!!!!!  Guess what.  It is not working – the problem looks different than previous ones – like not allowing me to register my new device serial number. The error message says “The internet server had an internal error. It may be a temporary problem. Please try again later.”  Yeah, well guess what – I’m willing to bet it is NOT a temporary error!  And my waiting and trying it again, I am willing to bet, will not produce any different results (unless someone at TomTom gets involved and does something).

Today, Friday, I called technical support level 1.  They are not able to get my device to connect with the Live Services.  I asked for a supervisor to get me in touch with ‘corporate’ technical support.  The supervisor does not have any way to call the escalation level by telephone – only email.  Since it was 4:45 p.m. on Firday and these folks at corporate work until 5:00 p.m. – the window is now gone for getting help this week.

I don’t even know how to close this posting.  The tech support guy I talked to today told me he understood how frustrated I was.  I told him that he really didn’t.  He told me that he had had similar support problems with a different company.  I’m a little skeptical to believe that there are others also providing this type of service.


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