Delta Refunds – What a Joke

In February Joyce and I planned a trip to NYC via Delta Airlines.  The east coast wound up getting slammed with a snowstorm and the planes didn’t fly.  Delta told us that that they would refund our ticket purchase.  That was in February.

Now it’s the middle of April.  I’ve had 4 or 5 telephone conversations with them.  The two most recent being with the Corporate Customer Service Department which I was led to believe are the ‘problem solvers’ or ‘tier 3 tech support’ in my IT lingo.

Two weeks ago this Corporate Customer service told me they were escalating my request and that Delta would finish processing this in 10 business days and that it would take one to two billing cycles for me to see the refund on my credit card (60 DAYS)!  I told them the 10 days I could kind of understand (although they are much faster when it comes to selling me something and taking my money) but that the 2 billing cycle credit was TOTALLY SHOCKING.  They tried to blame this on AMEX.  I don’t think so.  I have a dinky little merchant account and if I issue a refund it happens right away – not 60 DAYS – and isn’t AMEX a partner with DELTA?  My AMEX card has both company’s names on it.

So now it is two weeks since the last  call and when I called to see where things were – they claimed to have no record of the call two weeks ago.  I get the same explanation about 10 days, two months and WE ARE SORRY.  This time I am given a CASE NUMBER.  Why wasn’t I given a case number before?  Am I supposed to know that I need a case number?

On each of the 4 or 5 phone calls about this refund I am told all about the snow.  Guess what – I know it snowed.  That’s why I couldn’t make the trip.  And now, Iceland has ash.  I guess this will be good for another couple months excuses.

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