Anyone Know this Attack Bird?

We (Lola and I) have seen this bird many times on our morning walks.  It seems to hang out near the Hyde Park Library.  Several times it has dive bombed me from behind.  It makes swooping dives right at my head and just does a near miss.  I can feel the ‘concussion’ of the air waves since it comes so close without yet hitting.

This morning after the first attack it retreated and then attacked several additional times.  I must have looked nuts to anyone watching because I was swinging the free end of Lola’s leash in the air to deflect the attacks.

I took the picture of the bird perched on the wire.  I found the second picture on-line – it seems to look like what we saw.  Let me know what you think.

One Response to “Anyone Know this Attack Bird?”

  1. Allen Says:

    We’ve been attacked about 4 days in a row now, plus a few last week, plus one or two last year.

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