Finning – Stop It!

As a volunteer scuba diver at the Newport Aquarium I have been giving talks to the visitors for more than 10 years about sharks, while I am swimming comfortably in the Shark Tank.

One of the messages of these talks is how important sharks are to our environment.  They keep the ocean healthy so the ocean can keep us healthy.  In addition to being the source of much of our food – the ocean produces as much as 80% of the earth’s OXYGEN that we all depend on to survive.

And yet, in the orient (means east) there is a practice called FINNING.  In the practice of finning, fishermen catch sharks and bring them aboard their boats and cut off their fins.  The sharks are then thrown back into the water without their fins where they die, because they cannot swim without fins.

As many as 200,000,000 (two hundred million) sharks a year are killed in this fashion for this purpose.

What are they killed for?

To make soup!  Shark Fin Soup!  In some parts of the orient this is considered a delicacy and people pay as much as $100 for a bowl of this soup.

Finning is outlawed in many countries but NOT everywhere.

Stop Finning!

Here’s a recent news report.

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