About Allen’s Board

This is the personal Blog of Allen Miller, Cincinnati, OH.  It’s the place I put general observations on life and other miscellaneous junk.  If you are looking for my IT related stuff – check at www.MillerManor.net/amcc.

2 Responses to “About Allen’s Board”

  1. Matt Carpenter Says:

    Hello Allen?

    Is this the same Allen who ran the two-line BBS in Cincinnati in the mid-1980s? I called that board a lot!

    I was high school kid at the time, cruising the BBS scene with my PCjr from Fairfield. Twenty years later here I am in Atlanta (Roswell) reading about the BBS history after having seen BBS: The Documentary. I found the old Allen’s listing on the movie’s web site. A quick Google search of Allen’s Board, and here I am…

    If this is the wrong Allen….nevermind!

  2. Allen Miller Says:

    Hi Matt,

    You made my day – and you can read my reaction at https://allensboard.wordpress.com/remember/

    Thanks, Man.

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