Gas – Comin back down

Don’t know if the trend will keep up but the prices have been comin’ back down.

Now this deserves a HEADLINE

The Cincinnati Enquirer – going to top the headline about gasoline from yesterday – brings us SHOCKING news.

News ????

The Cincinnati Enquirer – Captain Obvious – Master of the already known (to quote our nephew Noah).  Today’s front page headline – above the fold – Gas does cost more near interstates.  Thank god that they told us – because we are screaming idiots and never heard of supply and demand or captive audiences!

Gas Prices

They just keep going up – gas prices – as if that’s news. Kind of like when the local TV stations put a camera reporter on site at the post office the night of April 15 and show us the last minute tax return filers – how can they call what they do NEWS? Here’s my fill-er-up today – $156 – and that’s only for 39.5 gallons – the tank holds about 45! How far can this keep going?

The good news is that the Corvette is back in action. After dying on me when I drove to Dayton a couple weeks back – it now has 8 new fuel injectors and boy does it GO!

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Gas Prices

Last night David Letterman jokingly (I hope) said gas prices will reach $10 per gallon by labor day. I filled up the Suburban this evening – the bill was about $125! Notice this was for 35 gallons. As it turned out I had almost 1/4 of a tank left when I went to the pumps. This tank holds 45 gallons. Extrapolating – a full tank would have been $160 at this price.

When I was in college I had a 1962 Volkswagen Beetle. The tank held about 10 gallons and I can remember at Ohio State going to the gas station when they had price wars. You could buy gasoline at $0.25 per gallon. An entire tank for that bug cost less than one gallon now. Actually, I bought that car for $200! Just a little over the cost of one tank of gas now. I heard someone talking recently about their old pickup truck that they were selling. The other guy in the conversation only asked one question – ‘how much gas was in it?’