PaddleFest 2011

Joyce & I did the PaddleFest today for our first time ever.  It was a lot of fun and the most gorgeous day ever.  Thanks Brewster and all the rest of your crew for making such a fun event.  I heard that there may have been over 2,000 paddlers out there on the Ohio River today.

I’ve got a few pictures here

Diver Allen

Plaque – Diver Allen – Newport Aquarium


Mockingbird Attack Redux

The attack bird near Hyde Park Square is a Mockingbird.  It’s also been corroborated by Ginger, a friend and neighbor, who also walks her dog on Erie Avenue.

I’m not sure how long these animals live – I’m figuring it must be the same bird since the circumstances are exactly the same.  This is the third or fourth year that it has appeared.

This bird perches on a wire at the same location while Lola and I are having our morning walk.  As we pass by it – it swoops down from behind and dive bombs either me or the dog.  This is not just one pass but it will circle and make multiple passes.

Here are a couple pictures from a previous post. 

Truth in Advertizing

Locally Grown – When you think about it – isn’t everything locally grown. It’s all relative but where things are grown – they are local. But what about this? This product is being sold in the grocery in Cincinnati. It’s Hand Selected in California and being sold here as “Locally Grown”. All on the same label!

Busy Day at the Aquarium Today

The flood waters have receded and this is the first week for the new Penquin exhibit at the Newport Aquarium.  This is a must see and as you can see from this picture – a LOT of people have come out to see it.

Today I had a Zebra Shark give me a head butt right in the ribs.  Wonder if he needs glasses?

Norm Made My Day

My friend Norm called this evening and asked if he could come over. Of course I said yes. What a fantastic surprise he brought. You see, when Joyce and I were in Israel, I had a beer that I just loved. I’ve got to say first that I am NOT a connoisseur of beers. In fact, most beers taste a little unpleasant to me. When I was young I remember being told it was an acquired taste. Well guess what – I never acquired the taste. Anyway, this Israeli beer is called Goldstar. And, Goldstar beer I was just crazy about. I had it several times while there and was disappointed when we returned home to find out I could not find it anywhere in Cincinnati. So, lo and behold, Norm comes in my front door with a shipping box under his arm and presents it to me. What a fantastic surprise when I opened it to find bottles of GOLDSTAR beer. Fantastic. Can’t wait to drink it. Thank you Norm.


Read any good books lately

I’m reading a terrific book by Pat Conroy – South of Broad. This might be my second most favorite book of all times.At any time I’m usually reading 2 books – one on my Kindle and listening to one on my iPod. I’ve probably said this before but a good reader can add an entire dimension to almost any book – really bringing it to life. A book like South of Broad should be listened to – not read in print. Mark Deakins is the reader on this book and a gentle Charleston accent adds to this experience in a large way.[cid:image001.jpg@01CBE5C7.7828BF20]

Business strong @ Apple

Joyce & I went to the mall to get the new iPad but they we’re sold out. In addition, there was a line out in the mall of people waiting just in case they receive a new shipment today. We got a new iPod instead.

Thanks for electing me to be the new President of

Movie Review – The American

I do not see a lot of movies and this one reminds me why.  We went with some friends this week to see The American.  It must be one of the worst movies of the year.  Just imagine 2 hours of head shots of George Clooney, a little bit of sex and no dialog.  I just checked imbd and there were actually 2 writers on this movie – a novelist and a screen writer.  The screen writer must have had a pretty easy job – there was nothing to write.

If you have a different opinion – or a similar opinion – I would like to hear from you.