Recertifying for our EFR – Emergency First Responder.

TomTom Again?

So, in case you didn’t read my TomTom stuff from about 4 months ago and earlier – TomTom sent me a total of 6 replacement units for my 740 Go Live GPS.  The main issue was that the Live Services would not work for me – even though in the very beginning they had worked.  About Mid-March they got me a system that worked.

That is it worked until a couple days ago.  I tried several times to call technical support.  Long hold times (with awful MOH), and messages left that were not returned.  Finally, today, I did get through to a support person.  After guiding me through a few temps to restart the device she told me that my SIM card was not activated.  She claimed to activate it and voila – now it is working.

All this person copped to was that my SIM card was not activated.  She did not take notice or seem to care that my device had been working for several months so obviously my SIM card HAD been working and she did not express any concern that somehow my SIM card became ‘not activated’.

Anyone Know this Attack Bird?

We (Lola and I) have seen this bird many times on our morning walks.  It seems to hang out near the Hyde Park Library.  Several times it has dive bombed me from behind.  It makes swooping dives right at my head and just does a near miss.  I can feel the ‘concussion’ of the air waves since it comes so close without yet hitting.

This morning after the first attack it retreated and then attacked several additional times.  I must have looked nuts to anyone watching because I was swinging the free end of Lola’s leash in the air to deflect the attacks.

I took the picture of the bird perched on the wire.  I found the second picture on-line – it seems to look like what we saw.  Let me know what you think.

HOV – Qualifies or not???

Butterfly Bush

Everyone call this number

The best invention related to the home telephone has to be Caller ID, that is, beside the phone itself.  I wish there were a foolproof method to only allow callers that I wish to speak to – to be able to ring my phone.  Actually – I’ve used Google Voice along with a Distinctive Ring number – to go a long way in this direction – and I wrote about it here.

The gall that some people/companies have in their directives to us, their callees, is beyond belief.  Just think about the disclosure that many companies put at the bottom of their FAX cover letters.  

This very importan message that we recklessly faxed to your machine in a completely unsecure manner is TOP SECRET and if we sent it to the wrong place (you) then you should not read it.

Now there is the automated nuisance telephone call that they are making to random telephone numbers. Take a listen (Phone Message link below).  It actually states that if you are not who we are calling – do not listen! In this case – they seem to be looking for JOYCE MILLER and I don’t even know anyone by that name. Okay, the cat is out of the bag – now you know that I did listen.

Yeah, well, if you are really harassing people and calling randomly without doing any homework – why don’t you just go blank yourself!

This collection company seems to have accumulated quite a reputation as evidenced by comments from several of their targets.

I take this pictue every year

Baby A Graduation @ VU

Hard to believe it – seems like only yesterday you were coming home from the hospital and not much later you were ready for your first day of school. Now it’s college graduation. Time really flies when you are having fun. I’m glad we can all be together for Susan’s graduation.

LastPass.com – very nice app.

This is a very nice password database utility.  The application integrates with the popular web browsers and is FREE.  For $1 per month you can get the premium version which has mobile clients for the popular smart phones.

I wish you could smell these roses