For years I had a link on pointing to a page that said – Remember This?  The page had a copy of a ‘business card’ I had made back around 1981 or so for a FIDO bbs that I ran in Cincinnati – node 108/10.  FIDO was an incredible free system before the internet, before Prodigy, before AOL that allowed independant SYSOPs to informally connect their systems during a preplanned time window every night to exchange and route email all around the WORLD.

No one has ever commented on my Remember This enquiry.  That is until now and I haven’t even had this page listed for a long time.  I received a blog comment today from Matt Carpenter in Atlanta.  Thank you Matt.  Read Matt’s comment at

I am including an image of the ‘business card’.  I am also including a photo that shows the license plate of my other car.

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