What you can do inland in Cincinnati to benefit the Ocean

This morning I was reminded of one of my pitches at the Newport Aquarium.

I’m a volunteer scuba diver at the Newport Aquarium.  What I like to do there is scuba dive in the Shark Tank and talk to people about sharks, marine life, and the like.  When we talk about doing our part to help marine life and the ocean environment people say to me “Allen, what can I do living in Cincinnati far from the ocean that can help the ocean?”  That’s a good question.  What I say is that way back up the chain here inland we can have an affect on the sea.  Things flow downhill – not only water but trash also.  We recommend recycling.  This will keep some of our trash from getting washed out to see.  Think about plastic – it takes forever to break down and disintegrate.  Think about those plastic ring things that hold six-packs of cans together.  In the sea these things get caught on animals or get ingested by animals and can even cause death.  These things start out somewhere and some of them come from Cincinnati.

This morning I was walking with http://www.facebook.com/TheRealLola and we did a good deed.  We saw one of these things laying on the ground and we brought it back to our recycling/trash bins.  Otherwise, this could have been washed away, made its way to the river and eventually to the sea.